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RadarLock Path Polished Black Bronze Polar Sunglasses Style

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Oakley RadarLock Path Polished Black Iridium Polar Sunglasses | Oakley Sunglasses Mens. Celebs like Tom Cruise, Victoria Beckham or Beyonce, they are all loyal fans of brand name Oakley. Attractively cool outlook, advanced workmanship, high end material, fuse innovative technology, thus creating Oakley sunglasses! Oakley radarLock ,the ultimate sport performance product, this revolutionary eyewear lets athletes take full advantage of Oakley`s wide array of performance lenses, thanks to an ingenious invention called Switchlock technology that makes lens changing fast and hassle-free.Frame Color: Polished Black
Lens Style: Black Iridium Polarized
-100% Authentic Oakley Sunglasses
-Includes All Original Oakley Packaging

The ultimate sport performance product, this revolutionaryeyewear lets athletes take full advantage of Oakley?s wide array of performancelenses, thanks to an ingenious invention called Switchlock? Technology thatmakes lens changing fast and hassle-free. Switchlock lets you adapt your visionfor any environment and keep up with changing light, and all lenses areoptimized with the unrivaled clarity and impact resistance of High DefinitionOptics? (HDO?). Engineered to meet the uncompromising demands of world-classathletes, RadarLock? changes the game with a new definition of performance.

Whether you?re competing for Gold or just squeezing everyounce of possibility out of those prized moments of athletic escape, you?reeither wearing RadarLock? or wishing you were. If you haven?t heard aboutOakley Switchlock Technology, you?re wasting too much time fumbling with theoutdated designs of ordinary interchangeable lens systems. Our simple switchmechanism makes the process quick and easy, and the lens is held securely inplace without uneven pressures that can bend it and distort your vision.Somebody finally got it right, and did so with a vengeance against conventionaltechnology.

HDO? sets the standard for optical clarity, visual fidelity,and impact resistance, and RadarLock is racked and revved with all thosebenefits including Polaric Ellipsoid? geometry to extend clarity across theentire lens. The sweeping contour gives you a wide-open view with maximizedperipheral vision and enhanced side protection against sun, wind and impact.You?ll have optical performance rated at ANSI Z87.1, and that sameuncompromising level of standards applies to protection against high velocityand high mass impact. For even more protection, our Plutonite? lens materialfilters out every eye-searing ray of UV.

The lightweight yet insanely durable frame is made of OMatter? and shaped with surge ports t maintain a cooling flow of air.Interchangeable nose pads let you achieve a comfortable, customizable fit, andthe earsocks are made of the same sport-optimized Unobtainium? to increase gripwhen you sweat. You won?t feel any uneven pressure points with this framebecause its Three-Point Fit doesn?t hook your ears ? it just holds the framecomfortably in place while keeping the lens in precise optical alignment.

RadarLock comes in an Oakley Soft Vault case that lets youstore an extra lens, and each frame comes with two lenses: one for bright daysand one for low-light conditions. Choose Oakley HDPolarized technology andenjoy the glare-killing clarity of the best polarized lenses on the planet.

Balance light transmission and tune your vision withIridium? lens coatings, and take advantage of Oakley Photochromic technologyfor optics that darken automatically in response to sunlight. Oakley AuthenticPrescription Lens Inserts are available for RadarLock Path and Pitch.


· Oakley Switchlock? interchangeable lens technology for fast and easylens changing

· Durability and all-day comfort of lightweight, stress-resistant OMatter frame material

· Integrated surge ports to channel airflow for the comfort of cooling

· Unobtainium earsocks that increase grip when you sweat

· Comfort and performance of Three-Point Fit that holds the lens inprecise optical alignment

· Multiple interchangeable Unobtainium nose pad options for secure,customizable fit that maximizes comfort

· Metal icon accents


· High Definition Optics for clarity, visual fidelity and impactresistance that meets all ANSI Z87.1 standards

· Polaric Ellipsoid lens geometry to extend clarity to the edge of a wideperipheral view

· Lens curvature that improves side protection against sun, wind andimpact

· Polarized Options?Minimized glare via technology that produces the bestpolarized lenses on the planet

· UV protection of Plutonite lens material that filters out 100% of UVA UVB UVC &harmful blue light up to 400nm

· Oakley Photochromic lens options: The lens darkens and lightens inresponse to changing light conditions

· Iridium coated lenses that reduce glare and balance light transmission

· Vented or non-vented lens configurations

· Two lens shapes to choose from

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